Quasi-Facsimile Title Page Transcription

JOH. AMOS COMENII | ORBIS | SENSUALIUM | PICTUS: | Hoc eft, | Omnium fundamentalium in Mundo Rerum, | & in vita Aɛtionum,| Picťura & Nomenclatura. | [rule 75 mm] | JOH. AMOS COMENIUS’s | VISIBLE | WORLD: | OR, | A Picťure and Nomenclature of all the chief Things | that are in the World ; and of Mens Employments therein, | A Work newly written by the Author in Latine | and High-Dutch (being one of his laſt  Eſſays,and the | moſt  ſuitable to Childrens capacities of any that he | hath hitherto made) and tranſlated into Engliſh, | [rule 75 mm] | By CHARLES HOOLE, M. A. | [rule 75 mm] | For the Uſe of Young Latine- Scholars. | Nihil eft in intelleɛlu, qod non prius fuit in ſenſu. Ariſt. | [rule 75 mm] |LONDON, | Printed by T. R. For S. Mearne, Book-binder | to the Kings moſt Excellent Majeſty, 1672. | [floral ornaments around text 75 mm x 135 mm]

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