1777 Contemporary Copy

This copy of the Orbis was in a much better shape than the one found at the Fisher Library. The Librarian of the Osborne Collection believes it might have been a privately owned copy and passed down each generations in a family which understood the value of this book. That is only an opinion as we cannot be certain.

As an MLA Citation it would appear as such: Comenius, John Amos. Orbis Sensualium Pictus. 12th ed. London: 1777. Print.

Front cover preserved in plastic case.

   It was by seeing this copy when it became evident that the other 1777 copy encountered at the Thomas Fisher Rare Books library was a privately bound one because this one does not have marbled end pages. This copy does not have as many inscriptions as the 1672 copy. It does however have a watermark on the edges further discussed in the “Watermark” Category:


The spine is fully in tact and does not have black or red markings nor the golden tooling writing. This was another piece of evidence to show the owner of the 1777 (Fisher Copy) made the copy to match his grander collection.

Despite its different bounding it still measures as the other book: 17 cm long, 10.5 cm wide and 2 cm thick. (In inches that is: 6.69″ long, 4.13″ wide and 0.78″ thick)

As far as oddities go, this book only has a few inscriptions on the back cover of no particular meaning but nothing stands out. The book literally looks as if someone bought it and it’s still brand new yet it has been kept in a box for 300 years which is why the pages are slightly yellowed.

In content (Orbis Only, excluding pages before the title page), this book is exactly as the 1777 Fisher Copy.

Inscription on back cover.

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