1672 Watermark

The most frequent encounter of a watermark in the 1672 edition.

The Design of this watermark was difficult to pin down as to what it could be, although one interpretation was “Dragon” while others were “a tail of an animal” from the few people who

The one page that looked different than the previous one which was the frequently encountered one.

have glanced at it.  The watermarks were mainly on the top of the recto of a leaf (top right corner).

Due to the apparance of the photo on right’s design, I have considered the watermark to be the design of a jester’s hat.

Small glipse of a watermark on some pages.

Trying to piece the watermark together by the few glimpses of it, I placed the two photos next to each other in a way where the lines merge on Photoshop to see if a clearer image would emerge.

The attempt to unite the two watermarks into a clear picture of what it may be

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