Orbis Pictus Award

Orbis Pictus Award Seal

   The Orbis Pictus Award for outstanding nonfiction for children was established in 1989 by the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF ENGLISH. The NCTE Orbis for outstanding nonfiction for children commemorates the work of John Amos Comenius’s, Orbis Pictus: The World Illustrated, published in English in 1658. Historically, this is considered the first book actually planned and published for children, its goal was to teach children about their world. The goal of the Orbis is to encourage the production of high-quality non-fiction and to promote its use in the classroom.

The NCTE Committee on the Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Non-fiction for children established the criteria of excellence and meets annually to select the winner of any Honor Books. The first award was presented in 1990 to The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz.

The above excerpt is taken from The Coninum Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature available at the Osborne Collection at the Lillian H. Smith Branch of the Toronto Public Library (Reference only) 

Person, Diane G., and Bernice E. Cullinan. “Orbis Pictus Award.” The Coninum Encyclopedia of Children’s Literature. New York, London: 2001. 603. Print

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